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Updates on our progress

Phyarpon and Bogalay to reach affected villages

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Distance and risks did not deter our doctors from reaching to the elderly patients and survivors in a small village who could not travel to our base which we traveled for three hours by boat from Pyarpon boat quay.

We have also traveled to Bogalay and donated for food and necessities to survivors ( about 150 households) from 24 villages who are currently staying in 3 small Monasteries. We donated one of the monasteries to repair and fix pipelines for its drinking water tank/supply.


Pictures say thousand words

Dr Kyaw Win & Team (@ Ka Wat Village)

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Hope Delivered continue … (18th May)

“Making Them Smile Again”

The team with 9 doctors and 30 volunteers (The Firefly & Miteers) left Yangon around 4:30 am early in the morning. After 4 hours drive, they reached a boat quay. The team then spitted into 3, loaded the supplies onto the boats and traveled for 2 hours to reach 3 villages (Ah Se, Nyaung Lan, Than Put) affected by the storm. The teams were warmly welcome by victims with hopes and joys and then the donations were successful distributed: rice, noodles, cloths, shelter (canvas). Our medical teams (with donated medical supplies) treated some patients in the villages. On the way back, the teams were sent off with priceless smiles and cheerful faces by the villagers.
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Your donations on newspaper

One of our volunteers in Myanmar, who is helping to distribute your donations, is featured on Hokkaido’s newspaper article.

Please see our Your donations on News for details.

Donations in Actions …

The team Firefly has traveled to Hna Khaung Chaung & Chaung Gyi (Dae Da Yae) and Kyune Chaung (Kun Chan Gone) to distribute the donations. Together, other local volunteers and donations are also involved.

Hopes Delivered (Continue …)

One of our teams (Raven BDC) has successfully completed donations in Dala area. We have donated 200 bags of rice and 23 bags of beans to the people.

Dala Foods Donations

The team of medical doctors (Dr. Kyaw win & Team) is going to Bogalay and near by areas.
Another team (W&K Team & Team) is distributing foods in Kaw Mhu and Kun Chan Gone areas.
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Hopes Delivered (Part 1)

We have received an update and some heart-touching photos from one of our teams on the ground. As you can see in the album, the team has successfully distributed foods and necessities to the people using your donations. HH4NG and some local donors have also contributed half of the donations. We are still waiting for more reports and updates from the other teams.

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Thank you HH4NG, Miteers and all volunteers for your priceless contributions.

“Survivors of the cyclone, with hopes in their heart”


“Team in Myanmar distributing foods to people”

Volunteers distributing

“Hopes delivered”