I do not know you or your friends. Can I donate?
Sure thing. Be a hero for the people in Myanmar who are suffering from the disaster. Donate online now.

I do not have Credit Card or PayPal account, how can I donate?
Please email us or call us. We will provide you details on how to transfer funds.

The world has raised 31 millions dollars, why should I donate here?
For the disaster this big, no amount of money will be enough. Plus, we are working with local teams and volunteers in Myanmar who are really on the ground. Donations made here will go 100% directly to the people who are in need. So, no layer of layers.

Who are the organizers?
We are people originated from Myanmar. We now live in overseas working or studying. We want to assist other people who wish to help victims of cyclone in Myanmar. This is not about us, this is about victims of the cyclone in Myanmar.

Who are the teams in Myanmar?
They are everyday people like you and me. They see the people are suffering, they dropped their everyday jobs and volunteer to help those people in need.

Are you or anyone in the process taking any fees?
Nobody in the process is taking any fees. Not a single cent. All of us are volunteers who want to help people in Myanmar.

How are the donations going to be used exactly?
As mentioned in about page, we are working with local groups, teams and volunteers in Myanmar. Some of them have experience in humanitarian missions and charity works. We are working closely with them to ensure donations are used effectively. We will be distrubuting foods, cooked meal, medical supplies, repairing houses and many more. We will be posting update as we progress.

When can I see those donations helping people in Myanmar?
We are dispatching donations in several batches to ensure helps are provided as and when they are needed. We have requested teams in Myanmar to document on what they do with donations. Once we received the photos and documents, we will post it on our blog.

What about Accounting?
We are posting donations list here. We will be posting how we are spending once the information is available. We grantee that every single cent will be accounted for.

Do you issue receipts for donations? Is is tax-deductable?
No, we do not issue receipts. It is not tax-deductable. We are not charity association and we are not authorized to issue a receipt. But we do post all the donations on our donation list.

(No Politics, No Anti, No Pro), What does it means?
This means that we do not promote any political agenda here. Neither pro-democracy nor pro-government. We are purely here to assist our friends to help people in Myanmar who are suffering from this cyclone disaster.

I think I can help you and I want to help, how can I do so?
Please email us or call us. Every help will be appreciated.

I still have few questions, can you answer me?
Please drop us an email, we will be happy to answer your questions.


2 responses to “FAQ

  1. Hello, do you know any way to go to myanmar to help there? Thank you 🙂

  2. Mimi Mackenzie

    Over the past few years my passion for the people of Burma and their situation has grown and developed alongside my reading and research of the country. I am a dance teacher in Scotland, with vast experience working with young people and children and adults with a range of additional support needs and disabilities. I spent my first 8 years in Thailand and have visited to volunteer in; Homes for the disabled, a Burmese refugee camp, and Karen schools. Last year I ran a three week dance performance project in the Philippines working with street kids.

    I am committed to the people of Burma and want to serve them on a long term basis. I am a dance teacher by trade but am extremely interested and keen to do ANY aid/humanitarian work.
    I have looked into and am in the process of applying to a Christian orgainisation; however I am ideally looking for an organisation which is more focus on meeting the initial needs of and investment in the people of Burma. I would really appreciate if you could advise me in regards to working for the ever precious ‘forgotten land’.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mimi Mackenzie

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