Hopes Delivered (Continue …)

One of our teams (Raven BDC) has successfully completed donations in Dala area. We have donated 200 bags of rice and 23 bags of beans to the people.

Dala Foods Donations

The team of medical doctors (Dr. Kyaw win & Team) is going to Bogalay and near by areas.
Another team (W&K Team & Team) is distributing foods in Kaw Mhu and Kun Chan Gone areas.
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Reconstruction in progress …

One of our team has started reconstruction of houses in Shwe Pyi Thar. We have donated for the 69 collapsed houses during the storm.

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Hopes Delivered (Part 1)

We have received an update and some heart-touching photos from one of our teams on the ground. As you can see in the album, the team has successfully distributed foods and necessities to the people using your donations. HH4NG and some local donors have also contributed half of the donations. We are still waiting for more reports and updates from the other teams.

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Thank you HH4NG, Miteers and all volunteers for your priceless contributions.

“Survivors of the cyclone, with hopes in their heart”


“Team in Myanmar distributing foods to people”

Volunteers distributing

“Hopes delivered”