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Hokkaido’s news paper

Following is translated from article in Hokkaido’s news paper

Help cyclone victims in Hokkaido training experienced net fund-raising calling for Myanmar women (05/16 07:27)

Myanmar engineer woman, who had experience training in Hokdaido company, now living in Myanmar where more than 60,000 victims were killed or missing caused by cyclone victims, is asking for donations. Local military government’s regulations make the assistance not well enough,, “emergency situation” and expects the support of Hokaido residents.

Calling for the support is Nway Sin Kyaw (27) who work at system development company MIT at the largest cities in Myanmar Yangon. Nway-san was sent for training to software developer B.U.G (Sapporo) at 2005 summer for six months, and after returning home continue as programmer as well.

Person concerned with MIT are involved in several volunteer organizations in local. Fund-raising over the Internet using a system, already a total of about 220 million yen in donations collected worldwide. With the collected donation, at their sparetime, Nway-san and friends are delivering around the affected areas with food, water, clothing, medicines.

On 11th, Nway-san has send email to BUG chairman, Hiroyuki Hattori, ask for help. Hattori has collected donation within the company but, he said “let’s invite even broader to support”.

The private military government’s efforts to further tighten the restrictions might occur, Nway-san appeal as “to help as soon as possible”.

For more information on providing support, there is Japanese homepage
at “”. Email address of Aye Kyaw-san
who is incharge of aid is “” (Japanese OK).

Click here for scanned copy of newspaper.


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